Preparing for a festive season like no other has the UK getting into the Christmas spirit earlier than ever this year. But in what is the most unusual Christmas we’re ever likely to have, are the 2020 trends as predictable as previous years? Here’s our top four:

1) Being eco-friendly
A prevalent theme for 2020 is having an eco-friendly approach to Christmas, with just the smallest of changes making the biggest difference in reducing the environmental footprint during the festive break. Everything from wrapping gifts with recycled paper, to having eco-friendly crackers, switching to LED Christmas lights to accompany your sustainable decorations, reducing food waste and not using disposable crockery are just some of the ways you can adopt your Christmas celebrations this year.

2) Christmas tree wall art
It’s no surprise that with the huge rise in homeworking, small space Christmas decorations are a big thing this year. Setting up your Christmas tree usually requires repositioning or manouvering furniture in some way. But with many of us having had to rethink how space within the home is used in order to accommodate home working, the thought of reassembling a room in your house once again this year might prove too much to bear.

As many of us have become DIY experts under the current circumstances, it’s no surprise that wall art, and in particular wall trees, have become a popular choice for many in the build up to Christmas. Not only is a ‘wall tree’ a good space-saving idea in the main living area, it’s also a great feature to have in the background for your work and social video calls.

3) Traditional Christmas decorations
Longing for a sense of normality, it really is no surprise that traditional Christmas decorations are back by popular demand in order for people to enjoy some sense of familiar festivity. Christmas ornaments, vintage decorations, wreaths, personalised stockings and garlands galore are going to be popular choices amongst homeowners this year. And if it’s the table setting you’re wanting to traditionalise, look no further than fresh foliage and herbs to create that rustic feel and centrepiece.

4) The most colourful Christmas

Vibrant and colourful decorations are one way to see out the festive season, as people are looking to be distracted as much as possible away from the pandemic. Candy-colour and bright baubles are just one idea when decorating the tree, or if your home is already a colourful setting, pick one of your accent shades and build your tree scheme around it.

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