Lindsey Patrick moved from Perthshire in Scotland to start a new life at Hopefield Grange in Benson in order to be closer to her children.

Lyndsey has a real passion for home interiors and loves the modern style of new build homes.

She was looking for a property she could put her own individual stamp on in a village location in rural Oxfordshire.

She comments: “For me, home has to have a certain style to it, and that is the beauty of a Cala home. The property I chose had the character of an old cottage with the warmth of the red brick and the assorted roof colours, yet had all the modern conveniences and high specification that make life comfortable.

“I adore the French doors which lead from the kitchen to the garden; they allow so much light into the home and make everything look crisp. In fact, my first reaction when I walked into my new home was: ‘Gosh! Isn’t it bright and light?’ That really is what stands out with Cala Homes’ thoughtful design.”

Lyndsey decided to use Cala’s Part Exchange service to ensure that she had a guaranteed timeframe for completion.

As she explains, she had a very specific reason for wanting to be in her home by a particular date.

“I moved to Benson as I wanted to be much closer to my children who live in Oxfordshire and London. Added to this, my daughter was getting married, so it was important for me to have settled into my home in time for this important day.

“The Part Exchange service offered was great. It meant a quicker move for me in plenty of time for the wedding and created certainty for the move, removing the risk of a broken housing chain.

“Moving from one house to another - and indeed in my situation, from one country to another involving different legal systems - can be a strain, but the part exchange deal helped cushion the upheaval and eased the way to my new home. I was kept informed regularly of the progress of the purchase and also in the build process which was very exciting, and everything was conducted in a polite, caring and professional way by the Cala team.”

Part Exchange works by Cala effectively acting as a cash buyer for the seller’s existing property, providing them with the peace of mind that the sale will complete in time for the move into their new home.

With no estate agent fees, marketing or report costs incurred, the service can also save thousands of pounds on the overall cost of the move.

Nationally, Cala has found that almost a third of buyers are now taking advantage of the service, rather than trying to sell on the open market.

Lindsey continues: “When I came down here I saw that Cala has various sites within the radius I was looking to live, and Hopefield Grange was the second one I visited.

“Benson really is a great location. It’s prettily positioned near the River Thames, whilst being in a very reasonable proximity to London where my son lives, and it’s easy to get there from the local train station.

“As much as the home itself was incredibly important to me, so too was the location as I wanted to be near my family and possibly future grandchildren – I know they’ve already got me lined up to look after them while they’re working!”

Find out more about the new phase of Hopefield Grange and how Cala’s Part Exchange service could help you.


This article was originally published on Cala’s previous website on 14th September 2020.

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