CALA Joins The Big Build in Cambodia

A team of CALA employees will be heading out to Cambodia on 10th November to take part in the Big Build project

CALA Homes 17 October 2017

Organised by the charity, Habitat for Humanity (HFH), the Big Build seeks to help tackle poverty by building and renovating homes for vulnerable families. 

The team from CALA will join 200 volunteers from across the world to build 15 homes in just 10 days, for families currently living in informal settlements in the Battambang Province. 

Alan Brown, CALA’s Group Chief Executive, comments, “The Big Build project is closely aligned with our company values and we are delighted and hugely enthusiastic about supporting this initiative with Habitat for Humanity.”

For the past decade, HFH has been working to provide holistic housing solutions and helping to secure land tenure for the homeless, informal settlers, those affected by HIV/AIDS, and street children and orphans. Since 2012, more than 17,820 families have gained access to housing finance loans through HFH’s partnerships. 

Why Cambodia? 

•  The Cambodian Government has estimated that at least 10 million people lack access to decent housing. 

•  2.8 million people, or 17.7 % of the population, still live in extreme poverty without any social safety net, and an estimated 2 million houses need critical improvement to meet minimum quality standards. 

•  Based on the Cambodia National Housing Policy, an additional 1.1 million houses will be needed by 2030 as a result of a population increase and rural urban migration.


•  Out of the two million residents in the capital Phnom Penh, around 140,000 people are living in over 500 slum communities that lack access to basic services and secure tenure. 

Look out for regular updates on the Big Build project over the coming weeks.