Wolvercote Mill - An interview with architect Sandeep Shambi

Sandeep Shambi of the award-winning Glenn Howells Architects is the mind behind the stunning architectural design at CALA Chiltern’s new flagship site, Wolvercote Mill in Oxfordshire. 

CALA Homes 25 April 2019

Wolvercote Mill was designed by Sandeep Shambi of Glenn Howells Architects. The award-winning architectural firm was assigned the project to ensure a well-considered and sensitive design, which remained in-keeping with the site’s history and the surrounding village’s architecture. Sandeep discusses the heritage of this historical site and his thoughts and inspiration behind the design.

“When we were creating the architectural design for CALA Homes’ new Wolvercote Mill development, we had two major elements to consider and draw inspiration from: the site’s history and heritage; and the natural aspects of the rural landscape. We wanted to create a place for all to enjoy the rich mature woodland and stunning natural areas in and around the series of historic watercourses, which all once served the workings of the paper mills.

“The design featured a handful of clearly defined character areas, through specific housetypes, colours and the layout of the buildings. By providing a variety of typologies, we sought to create a more interesting place for residents and visitors alike. We used a mix of red and buff coloured brick for the majority of the homes which are prominent colours throughout the village. Sensitive to the fact that a large portion of Wolvercote village is protected and characterised, we wanted the homes at the entrance of the development to be clad in dust-coloured stone, complementing the listed cottages already situated there.

“When visitors first arrive at Wolvercote Mill, we want them to be amazed by the natural setting. The development has been designed with outdoor living, wellbeing and community in mind, with a lot of effort made to make the new homes fit in with the existing village. Residents from the existing village will be drawn into the new development via walking routes that link into Wolvercote’s village green. These have not been accessible for 15 years and were incredibly overgrown so we’re delighted that our design will re-open these for the entire village to enjoy.”


For further information on Wolvercote Mill, launching June 2019, please visit www.cala.co.uk/homes-for-sale/chiltern/wolvercote-mill.