CALA urges children to 'stay safe' around building sites

Pupils from The Round House Primary Academy in St Neots recently had the chance to discover more about the housebuilding industry, including an important message about the dangers of playing on building sites.

CALA Homes 27 January 2020

The interactive session covered the history of housebuilding and the wide range of career opportunities within the industry, as well as the dangers of going into construction areas unsupervised.  

The workshop was run by CALA Homes which has just begun construction works at the Wintringham development which is part of the Eastern Expansion of St Neots.

They are bringing forward the first 222 homes within the development, which will see 2,800 homes, two primary schools, community facilities, including a health centre and research and development business space, creative spaces, offices and industrial units.

The children were given a presentation by Paul Wallis, CALA’s Health, Safety and Environment Manager, and watched a video specially created by CALA to help highlight some of the hidden dangers on sites.

The animated film follows two friends, Harry and Aria, who decide to venture onto a building site during the summer holidays.

The visit was part of national campaign being rolled out by CALA Homes with local primary schools near to its developments.

Chris Roads, Sales and Marketing Director at CALA Homes (North Home Counties), comments: “Our new campaign has a clear and simple message when it comes to building sites – stay safe, stay away. Our new animated film has been designed to communicate a serious message in a way that children will hopefully relate to.

“Although the session had a strong focus on site safety, we also wanted to take the opportunity to cover the rich history of homes in England through the ages, as well as highlight the wide variety of different jobs that go into building homes, from land buying and design to construction.

“It was a great session with the children, and they were all really enthusiastic about the topic. As we are in the construction stages at CALA at Wintringham, it was important to do this activity with the school to help keep the local community safe.”

Tracy Bryden, Executive Headteacher at The Round House Primary Academy, said: “It was great to have CALA Homes at the school to lead a really informative assembly with a vital message. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the number of dangers that should be avoided on building sites, and they were really engaged in the animation. We think it’s great that CALA Homes is playing an important part in ensuring the safety of the local children in our community.”

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