Homes designed with family wellbeing in mind

Over the last few months, we have all been spending more time in our homes than ever before and many of us have faced the challenge of home schooling, 24 hour childcare, remote working and keeping ourselves entertained and stimulated during lockdown. 

18 June 2020

The increase in time spent at home has brought into sharp focus the homes we live in and how we as families use our living space. 

As a leading provider of desirable new homes, CALA has long recognised that our homes have a huge impact on our comfort, health and general wellbeing and that there’s far more to homebuilding than simply assembling bricks and mortar. It is primarily about understanding how families live and ensuring that careful thought has been given to all aspects of a modern and sustainable lifestyle.

Piers Banfield, Group Operations Director at CALA, says: “The home is where most people spend the majority of their time, locked down or otherwise, and it has the ability to impact almost every aspect of our lives. Our vision for the Light and Space Collection was to improve the health and wellbeing of families and communities. The design qualities of our Light and Space homes are more important than ever, providing a template for modern family living where there is room for every family-member to not just co-exist, but to live and thrive together.”

Carefully crafted by a cross-disciplinary team of professionals and informed by CALA customer feedback, the Light and Space Collection does exactly what it says on the tin. For each and every house which features within it, the floor plan and design features work together to create fresh and spacious homes which invite daylight and promote sustainability and wellbeing throughout, with well-proportioned outdoor spaces and gardens to perfectly complement the home.

The way in which we live, utilise space and interact with each other at home has been a key influence on the layouts of the collection, with each home specifically designed with CALA’s target markets in mind. 

Steve Rule, CALA’s Group Design & Technical Director, says: “The majority of our family homes have been designed to feature three-zone kitchens – opening up the cooking and informal living-dining area – with many featuring French doors to facilitate easy access to the rear garden where children can play safely within eyesight of their parents. This multi-functional room is great for those with busy lifestyles as it encourages social interaction and engagement, especially at mealtimes – something which is proven to have health and wellbeing benefits for families. 

“Whereas upstairs, to ensure that everyone has their own haven within the home, the bedrooms on the upper floor or floors are more balanced and equal in size.”

Equally important are breakaway rooms. Having separate designated space for different family members’ activities is what many during lockdown have found lacking within their own homes. Within a CALA Light and Space home, there are spaces for relaxation and reflection, such as formal lounges for entertaining or unwinding, and home studies in the larger plots for either focused work or whatever flexible breakout space would suit a family’s needs. 
Recognising that the option of remote working is on the rise, careful consideration has been given to make sure that any dedicated work space is fit for purpose. Phone points, ample plug sockets and TV and FM/DAB sources are accommodated, good connectivity is guaranteed, and energy-efficient heating and lighting is installed to minimise energy bills.

The focus on flexible living spaces isn’t just limited to our larger homes. We always ensure that even the smallest bedrooms in our Light and Space Collection (which do not typically feature a separate study space) are equipped with a data point, as well as sockets and a TV point. This means the option is there to use this space creatively for a dual purpose, such as a home office and a TV snug, or even an informal family room and a child’s play area.

Plot 15 Audley Chase, Colne, Colchester, Cala Homes North Home Counties

All of these homes have been designed to maximise space, natural light and ventilation. Widening hallways and increasing ceiling heights not only create a greater sense of space and scale, but they equally open up the flow of the home, ensuring there is plenty of natural ventilation. Ample storage solutions feature throughout to safeguard the natural flow and order of the home, serving to keep clutter at bay and promoting a functional and stress-free environment.

Alongside having plenty of space, daylight also has a profound influence on our health and wellbeing. It is important for our immune system, boosts our vitamin D intake and keeps our bones healthy. It can also reduce stress, enhance our mood and even help us sleep better. “We’ve increased the use lower-sill, wider windows and made more use of roof lights and windows to stairwells and landings. In some Light and Space house types, you’ll find French doors that further extend the family kitchen and living space into the garden, maximising views and amplifying that all-important natural ventilation.” Adds Steve. 

CALA’s Light and Space collection can be found at developments across the UK. Take a look at the virtual tour for some of most loved Light and Space house types below, and contact a CALA sales representative for more information on the homes available for you.