The secrets of showhome style at Hopefield Grange

The stunning four bedroom detached Oatvale showhome at Merlin Gardens offers the latest interior design inspiration for house hunters.

CALA Homes 14 September 2020

Designer Lydia Graham from Artspace Interior Design shares her inspiration as well as providing some top tips for creating your own show-stopping showhome style.  

1. What was your inspiration for the showhome design at Merlin Gardens? 

The house is a fantastic family home, so we were inspired to create a house that was practical as well as beautiful! We wanted to create a real home that would meet the needs of busy family life while still being comfortable and stylish. 

2. Talk us through how you created the overall theme and how this was carried through in each of the rooms? 

We used blue throughout the show home as it is such a versatile colour, being really calming in cooler tones or adding depth in the deeper colours. We also balanced it out with other colours like green and blush to keep it interesting and give each room its own identity. With it being a family a home we were able to give each room its own theme! 

The master bedroom has a boutique yet tranquil feel, we have a wild nursery, a train loving child’s bedroom and a dancing theme on the top floor!

Light is very important in a show home, it helps show off the space and keep it feeling open. We were able to choose some really WOW light fittings for this house too, especially in bedroom one where there is a vaulted ceiling. Choosing decorative light fittings will give a great focal point in any room.

3. Do you have a favourite room or feature?  

It’s hard to choose! In the dining room, there is a gorgeous hand painting of an elephant, created by our in-house artists, which I love. The nursery is super cute and we have hand-painted leaves in the corners of the rooms which looks really sweet. 

The wallpapered ceiling in the train-themed room adds a bit of fun and makes the ceiling a 5th wall! In bedroom one, the light fitting is so glamorous and really shows off the high ceiling, there is so much space in there. And on the top floor the wall art is so cool with the dancers; it feels really contemporary. 

4. What do you think the key interior trends for the autumn will be? 

A key trend for the Autumn will definitely be using the ceiling as your 5th wall, whether that’s to add a pop of colour like in the train room, or creating a cosy feeling by painting it like we have in bedroom one. Texture is always big for autumn as the nights draw in; layering is and the use of different textures is key to add warmth and depth. Also, while we are spending more and more time at home, tranquil colours are in to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere for you to live and work in.

5. What are your five top tips for those looking to create showhome style in their own property?

  • Don’t be afraid of colour! It is really important for adding personality within your home. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! In the study of the Oatvale we had two contrasting colours of pink and teal which look really effective.
  • Maximise light with decorative ceiling lights, and use floor lamps and table lights for atmospheric lighting.
  • Who says practical furniture has to be boring? The sideboard in the lounge is a great example of a practical storage option but with interest and texture in the finish.
  • Use mirrors to open up narrow or dark spaces, like in the hallway or on the landings.
  • Use texture in wallpaper, cushions and throws to create a plush and inviting home.


Visitors to Merlin Gardens can now view the stunning Oatvale showhome by appointment. Hopefield Grange