Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing team are the faces representing CALA.

Sales AdvisorWhilst working in Sales & Marketing you will be exposed to all elements of the Sales & Marketing function, tasked with delivering the sales targets for your region.

The majority of the Sales team are based in sales offices on our developments and work with the construction team to ensure all customers get a 5 star experience.  

Being an effective contributor to the Sales & Marketing function means being able to work with people. You need to be able to pick up on the simplest of signs given by a customer so you can respond appropriately and exceed their expectations. 

Our Sales Consultants are required to be commercially aware, able to understand market conditions, understand the impact of sales costs on profit margins and the marketing methodology used to maximise the value of our sites.

Interested in a career in Sales and Marketing? View our 'From Land to Life' video below to understand more about CALA's culture.

A day in the life of Liana Canavan -  Sales and Marketing Director, West

8:30am - Arrive in the office and review weekend sales activity, analysing our progress against targets and identifying sites that may need closer attention and support.

10am - Chair a meeting with the sales management team to review the marketing strategy on each development, amending this where necessary dependent on the level of interest and our position against target.

12pm - Drive to site to meet with a surveyor to discuss sales values of proposed houses on an area of ground that we are looking to purchase, discussing the merits of our product and layout before instructing a valuation.

2pm - On the way back to the office meet with the Marketing Manager, Sales Manager and a local Interior Designer regarding a site we are about to open, to sign off the design scheme.

4pm- Drive back to the office to complete the sales section of a document for Executive Board level approval, on an area of ground that the Region is looking to purchase.

5:30pm - Leave the office to attend a Savill’s presentation “Home Truths, a Review of the Westend Market”. This is a good opportunity for meeting up with others attending, such as estate agents, to promote CALA’s projects and keep up to date on what is happening in the market.