Opportunities & Development

If you are part of the CALA graduate programme you will be provided with a wealth of opportunities to kick start your career with us.

When you first join CALA you will attend an Induction event with all the graduates recruited across the company. You will meet a variety of people from within the company, visit developments, get to know each other and learn some useful points of contact to support you throughout your career. As a company we support further learning and would encourage all staff including our Graduates to pursue accreditation with relevant professional bodies.

On the Job

This training is all about developing you in your role. “On the job”, you will work through a structured programme to equip you with the necessary skills and information to contribute to our business. You will be given real responsibility as soon as you join us, but will be able to develop your strengths in a well supported environment.

Off the Job

This training is all about developing you as an individual. You will be involved in a number of projects, activities and training days to really develop your interpersonal skills. Our talent management philosophy is all about developing what’s already there and you will also get to have a lot of fun at the same time.


Shortly after joining the business you will also be given a mentor. This person will be a relatively senior person within the business, whose extensive skills and experience will be there to support you. You will learn more about how you can work with your mentor during Induction.