Recruitment Process

We want to make the recruitment process straightforward for you.

“I found the recruitment process at CALA not only straightforward but also enjoyable. There were various elements to the process, for example an online interview, which is something I had not done before but enjoyed being tested in a different way. I felt the process was there to challenge me, yet the CALA team were always on hand with support and ready to answer any queries I had.

Alexandra Deol CALA Homes Graduate"The assessment day was a chance to really show how you could apply yourself in a role at CALA and we were all made to feel very welcome – I am still in touch with most of the graduates I met on the day and it has now been 5 months! Before I started, I got to spend a day with my future director to get a flavour for the role and meet the rest of the team - this really helped me settle in on my first day.”

Alexandra Deol, Land Graduate 2016/17 Programme 


Stage 1 – Online Application 

Anyone interested in applying for the 2018 Graduate programme must complete the Online Application Form by 7th January 2018. The form will collect all your personal details so we can keep in touch, and will also ask you some questions to help us learn a bit more about you. You do have to complete the form in one go, but you can see ahead as to what you will be asked, so can prepare in advance and copy and paste your answers in.

Stage 2 – The Video Interview

You will be invited to undertake a video interview to explore some of the answers you provided on your online application form. You will be sent a link to submit your responses which can be completed at a time to suit you. 

Stage 3 – Assessment Centre

You will be asked to participate in a variety of exercises which will help us see the way you approach tasks, tell us about your communication skills and how you work with others. This day will also be an opportunity for you to ask a lot more questions of us and find out more about the roles. If you reach this stage of the process, further information will be provided in advance of the day as to what you can expect.


Anna Patterson“I found the process to be a lot better than previous experiences as I always heard back from CALA within the timeline they promised. The assessments throughout the process really allowed me to show myself off as much as possible and although the video interview felt quite different I think it helped to show off my personality before a face to face interview.”

Anna Patterson, Technical Graduate 2016/17 Programme