Land is where it all starts in CALA.

To be an effective member of the land team, you have to be confident and enjoy dealing with people. As a Land Graduate, you will need to work closely with all the other departments within the business to provide information and the justification to purchase Land. It is an exciting, dynamic and fast paced job and good social skills are paramount. A degree in Town Planning, Real Estate Management or similar is valuable although other degrees will be considered.

If we pay too much for the land, or the terms of the deal do not suit our needs, we won’t make a profit on the site and we risk damaging our business. The Land teams are always on the look out for the best deals and are often competing with other developers to meet the business’ appetite for land.


A Day in the life of Daniel Webber - Land Director, South Home Counties Region


8am - Arrive at the office. Meet with the rest of the land team to discuss all the current projects and whether to redistribute resources to ensure we meet our contractual deadlines.

9am-10am – Conference call with the solicitors acting on our behalf, to iron out some issues on a contract we are progressing in the purchase of a large site for over 100 houses.

10am-12noon - Jump in the car and drive out to a location to meet a neighbour objecting to a planning application we are progressing for 10 luxury detached houses. Discuss their concerns and what we could do to appease these. After a positive meeting, a call is made to the architects to request minor amendments to the plans to reflect the agreement made with the neighbour.

12-2pm - Drive half an hour across the region to meet with a land agent for lunch and discuss a site they will be marketing shortly.

2pm-5pm -  After lunch head back to the office to progress some land offers currently being worked up and check over the legal contract amends that were requested from the solicitors earlier in the day.

6pm -  Out in the evening to meet another local agent for a quick beer and a discussion over how CALA and their business can work closer in the future to deliver more land opportunities


A Day in the life of Gillian Tait - Planning and Design Director, East of Scotland Region

8am - Arrive at the office. Meet with the rest of the design and planning team to discuss new opportunities, status of land bids, current planning applications and review consultation boards and presentation material for tonight’s Public Consultation Event. 

9am - 10am – Jump in the car and drive into town for meeting with CoEC planning and transportation team regarding current planning application. Update re consultation responses, S75 contributions and timeline to committee. Planning require more detailed elevations and samples of materials. Tracking exercise required for transport. Phone suppliers to arrange material sample panel to be built on site for planners approval.

10am - 10.30am – Site visit to review a potential development site. Review re quality, surrounding product, zoning, mix, architectural style and density to report back to land team and produce quick sketch and take photographs to assist with briefing of consultant architect. Call engineers to instruct topographical and desktop surveys, as challenging site re levels and contaminated land.

11am - Noon – Meeting at consultant architects office to review design of flatted development being worked up for planning. Make comments on flat plans, elevations, parking numbers and hierarchy of product. Changes to be made available for the team in two days time.

Noon - 1pm – Quick bite to eat before arriving at the Apex Hotel, where we are holding our PCE. Last run through of Q&A with CALA’s PR consultant. Interview with STV to provide briefing statement re proposed development we are holding Public Consultation event on tonight.

1pm - 2.30pm – PowerPoint presentation to the community council, politicians and residents groups prior to opening the doors to the public.

2.30pm - 3pm – Make sure the room is ready. The boards, feedback forms, sign in book etc are all available and located in the correct position for maximum impact.

3pm - 4pm – Hold briefing meeting with our consultant team of architects, landscape architects, engineers and conservation architects to ensure everyone is fully versed to answer any questions the public may have regarding our proposals.

4pm - 8pm – Spend the next four hours engaging with the public, explaining the nature of our development proposals, our programme, materials, build route etc. Encouraging feedback to positively shape our development proposals to ensure a successful and timeous planning consent.

9pm -  Time for some dinner and a drink with CALA team and consultants to discuss today's Event. Review attendance, comments and any amendments required to our proposals.