Barry - Trades Co-ordinator

CALA Homes (North) Ltd

What qualifications / previous experience do you have? 

I’ve been involved in the construction industry all of my working career and was very lucky to have experienced and knowledgeable journeymen as tutors when I started my joinery apprenticeship in 1984.  I have since held various supervisory roles within the industry, including being sat in the site manager hot seat which is one of the most challenging jobs in construction. I also had eight years as a company director providing labour for new build housing developments, before I joined the team at CALA North five years ago. I now work alongside some of the best talent in site management on our current developments, who make such a challenging role look easy. 

What does your job at CALA involve?

As Trades Co-ordinator, I work what I call a  “W.W.W.W.” system – asking questions such as: who do we need to source for our development, when do we need to deliver the requirements, where the trade workers are needed across our developments and what needs to be done.  This system I follow means I can calculate exactly what is needed to deploy our workforce in the most effective and efficient manner to help deliver the best homes available for our customers. 

We also monitor and record the performance of our teams and I manage our modern trade apprentices. I’m keen to ensure that our apprenticeship programme delivers capable tradespeople for the CALA business on completion. 

Friday 23rd November 2018, Aberdeen, Scotland. Aberdeen Cala Business Portraits(Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)
What is your role’s biggest challenge?

In an uncertain market, build programmes can be accelerated or slowed, so being prepared to adapt either way is key. Also, ensuring developments are resourced at the correct levels, meeting key deadlines and maintaining the very high quality standard our homes are known for to make sure that CALA developments are the number one choice for both customers and subcontractors. 

What is the best thing about your role?

I love being able to work in both office and site environments, particularly on site in the sunshine and the office when it’s raining! I work with great people and there’s such a fantastic CALA team ethos in both environments, all working together as one formidable team with one common goal.
Also I’m currently mentoring five modern trade apprentices and two graduate apprentices so I get great satisfaction from seeing them achieve. I love seeing the quality of our completed product and knowing I’m part of the team that delivered it.

Do you have any career advice for someone looking to work for CALA?

The best players play for the best teams and we train hard but it’s worth it. You will be given every opportunity to succeed at CALA as we create industry leaders.  Also, having our core values at heart is a must. 

What are your CALA Homes aspirations?

To continue working as part of the team that delivers outstanding homes in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, progressing through the company and in turn watching the business grow.