Cindy - Sales Consultant

CALA Homes Ltd

"I've worked at CALA for more than 25 years and, over that time, have seen the company evolve through many different stages. Despite some big changes, I'm proud to see that CALA has maintained the same ethos and values that were in place when I first joined in the early 90s.

It has been wonderful to be a part of the journey. I have worked on so many different developments, met some wonderful people, shared many memorable experiences and seen countless customers moving into their new homes.

I've been extremely lucky to have been mentored by highly regarded people in the industry and to have been given the encouragement and guidance to step up in my role. I have been given the necessary training to enhance my career and have had the opportunity to work in other departments to improve my overall knowledge which has been invaluable.

I feel a great sense of pride as a CALA employee, and feel valued and cared for. I am proud to be truly CALA home grown, and dare I say it, a CALA girl!"