Karagh McKervey - Part Exchange Co-ordinator

CALA Homes (North) LTD

What qualifications / previous experience do you have?

Prior to my role at CALA, I had gained years of experience working for an estate agency helping to deliver options for homebuyers on the look-out for their ideal home.


What does your job at CALA involve?

My main role within the CALA team is to assess which of our properties are suitable for Part Exchange to help make homebuyers’ transition to their new home much easier.  I also support the marketing and management of all homes in our varied portfolio.


What is your role’s biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge I face in my role at CALA is being able to sell on the properties we acquire from buyers at the most reasonable level possible. There’s a number of factors in place with this and it can vary depending on the difficulty of the market.


What is the best thing about your role?

I love the fast-paced nature of our work. Also, instead of solely working at my desk, I enjoy that my role allows me to work flexibly outside of the office as well.


What are your CALA Homes aspirations?

Having only been with the company since the start of 2020, I can already see that everyone in the team is hugely supportive and that there’s plenty of opportunities available for me to develop and progress.