Michaela Sullivan - Group Land Manager

CALA Group 

I work with the land teams across all 8 regions of CALA, and I am involved in a range of activities from providing advice to the teams on potential deal terms to setting targets and reporting on CALA's land position. I also chair the weekly 'CAG' meeting, the Contracts Authority Group that approves all land purchases for the CALA businesses. 

What I love about house building is the opportunity to be part of something tangible, the development of new homes for families to live in for the long term. I have worked in more ephemeral environments such as management consultancy but it's not as exciting as an operational industry. 

Like many Land people, my background originally is rooted in geography and town planning, which leads you to think about the environments that people live in and ideal patterns of development. I also have an MBA, which has helped me to be able to think about business in a wider, more strategic way, which has been useful in my career. 

Some of my most challenging moments have been when acting as expert witness in public inquiries, being questioned by the opposing advocate on my evidence before the inquiry, you really have to have your wits about you and to be thinking ahead all the time.

In my job at CALA I love providing support to the teams, visiting the sites that they are working on and seeing them hit their targets to ensure we have a strong future land bank.