Jamie - Surveyor

CALA Homes (West) Limited

Before joining CALA as a Surveyor, I had a  few years where I didn’t feel particularly settled in my employment. I found myself having to move around in order to keep working and nothing really felt like permanent employment. Thankfully CALA have changed this for me! 

CALA have a very positive approach to their business, they are a forward thinking company, and always focused on ways to improve and stay ahead of their competitors.  The most distinctive quality of CALA that I think sets them apart from the opposition is that they’ve stayed true to the traditional values which the company was built upon and this is especially apparent in how they look after their employees. 

CALA are very good at rewarding employees for loyalty and hard work which is why most people who join CALA tend to stay with CALA.  Although they are a large company they have managed to maintain a “family business” atmosphere and everyone is very approachable and helpful. I found it  encouraging when I joined the company that a large portion of the staff have been with CALA for 20+ years and I now understand why!