Our Recruitment Process

We believe that the recruitment process is as much about you finding out more about us as well as us finding out more about you.

We take candidates through a thorough recruitment and selection process to ensure the best candidate is offered the role.

If you are successfully shortlisted for interview you will meet with the line manager/supervisor for the position.  If successful at this stage you will then complete online psychometric tests before returning for a second interview with a member of the HR team also in attendance.

This process should allow you as a candidate to make an informed decision as to whether CALA is the right company for you to join.

We continually strive to be an Equal Opportunities Employer in everything that we do, and part of this is ensuring the training of our employees on current legislation and also adopting standard processes that are free of discrimination to ensure candidates are chosen for the ‘best fit’.

We believe that our process also allows for the candidates to get to know their prospective employer much better prior to an offer being made.