Why Buy New? CALA's top 10 reasons to buy new.

Buying a new build home offers many advantages compared to buying older second-hand homes.

CALA Group. 19 September 2016

In aid of the very first Scottish Housing Day on Monday 19th September, we've pulled together the top 10 reasons why buying new could be beneficial to you:

1. A new home is fresh, bright, clean and untouched by previous owners and their potentially substandard DIY. It’s a blank canvas on which you can stamp your own style and personality.

2. The cost of upgrading an old home to new build specifications is nearly £45,000 – things such as guttering, insulation, rewiring, new bathroom, new kitchen, central heating and double glazing can all mount up.

3. On average, new homes built in England and Wales today are 65% more energy efficient than a Victorian house of the same style*. Low CO2 emissions, double glazed windows and doors, efficient boilers, water saving systems and quality insulation mean buying a new home could save you money while helping to protect the environment.

4. New homes currently built in the UK are estimated to be roughly 50% cheaper to run per year than the equivalent Victorian house. That could mean an annual saving of £1,410 for a four bedroom detached house.*

5. New homes are built to a much higher specification than the majority of older homes.  New fitted bathrooms and kitchens with integrated appliances come as standard in a new CALA home.

Scottish Housing Day | CALA Homes - Why Buy New | Homes for Scotland6. To help make your dream home a reality, with a new property you may be offered assistance through Help to Buy, Part Exchange and other incentives.

7. With no need to wait for existing owners to move out, you can move into a new home as soon as it’s complete. This reduces the house buying chain and the stress and uncertainty that is often associated with moving.

8. Today’s building regulations ensure that new homes are designed and constructed to a minimum standard; older properties may not have been built to the same requirements. They are continually being improved and strengthened, giving you a top quality home. Plus, all new build homes come with a 10 year NHBC warranty for additional peace of mind.

9. When you buy a new home you have the added protection of an industry led code of conduct, the Consumer Code for Homebuilders, designed to make the home buying process fairer and more transparent for customers. It consists of 19 requirements and principles which homebuilders must adhere to, to provide accurate and reliable information and a high level of customer service.

10. The creation of new homes delivers significant social and economic benefits to communities.  Building 750 new homes will generate 3225 jobs, £1.2m towards improving local schools and education, £964,500 in extra council tax and 34,800 trees and shrubs planted.*

If you would like to enjoy all of these benefits and more, search our range of new homes and find the one for you.

For more information on the first Scottish Housing Day, visit scottishhousingday.co.uk or follow #scottishhousingday on social. 

 *Correct as of May 2016