North Community Bursary Funds Counselling

CALA Homes North of Scotland Community Bursary Funds Counselling Sessions for Local Young People

CALA Group. 28 June 2017

CALA Homes (North of Scotland) has donated £700 to Sunrise Partnership which will pay for 20 one-to-one and group counselling sessions for local children and young people who have experienced loss.

The charity was one of 11 organisations which has received a share of the housebuilder’s £10,000 community bursary.

Sunrise Partnership offers free, confidential support to youngsters who are affected by loss and bereavement. The sum will enable the charity to secure 20 sessions so they are available for children to discuss their grief in a supportive environment.

Eileen Wheeler, Manager at Sunrise Partnership, said: “Our one-to-one and group sessions encourage children and young people to cope with the impact of the loss in a healthy and positive way. We help them develop coping strategies which they can use now and in the future. 

“As the demand on our services increases, donations are vital in order for us to continue carrying out our work and to ensure more children have access to our sessions.”

Joy Riddel, Sales Advisor for CALA Homes (North), welcomed Eileen to CALA’s sales suite at Oldfold Village to hear more about the work of the charity.

She said: “Eileen gave some inspirational examples of children and young people who have benefitted from bereavement counselling.

“Many attendees start attending school more regularly, have better concentration and start going out with friends again on completion of the sessions.

“This is a vital service that is a huge support to so many of our local children who are having to come to terms with losing someone important to them. We are very proud to contribute to the continued running of the sessions.”

Other successful community bursary applicants include 17th Aberdeen Scout Group, Seaton Community Church,Pitscurry Day Service, SensationALL, GCRA Ltd, Community Food Initiatives North East, Alzheimer Scotland, Aberdeen Riding Club, CHAS, and Aberdeen Science Centre.