Cambridgeshire Bursary

Charities and local groups in Cambridgeshire, applied for a share of the 2018 CALA Community Bursary

We are pleased to announce the following worthwhile causes have been selected to receive funding from our 2018 Community Bursary:

Tom's Trust
The Laughter Specialists
Trumpington Community Drama Club
Haslingfield Little Owls Preschool
St Neots Volunteer Police Cadets

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to apply and congratulate them all on the significant contribution they are making to their local community.

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No pain no gainNo Pain No Gain UK aims to provide a regular supply of syringe drivers into the hands of community nursing teams in the greater Peterborough area. A syringe driver is a small battery-operated pump used to give medication continuously for a period of time. The are invaluable for palliative care, administering pain relief and anti-sickness medication. 

The donation by CALA Homes has been used to buy two new drivers, ensuring that the nursing teams can provide more time for their patients, allowing families the opportunity to have their loved ones remain in their homes during their final days, knowing their pain in managed and they are comfortable.

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