Andy Pennell


Affordable Housing Director

Andy Pennell

Affordable Housing Director - CALA Group, England

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

I have reached a stage in my life where the focus on family and career has started to leave just enough space to think about what I could do for others. Before the 2017 trip to Cambodia I had spoken to HFH independently about joining a build team, but was unable to progress the idea at that time.

My father was a pioneer of affordable housing, and I believe that everyone is entitled to quality housing, and for me the fact that there will be a direct connection with the people who will benefit makes the process even more exciting.

What I am most excited about on this experience

I most look forward to meeting the families whose homes I am helping to build. I want to learn from them how they live now and to what extent security, space, amenities, specification and even structural integrity are issues. This will help us understand how we’ve helped make their lives just a bit more comfortable and predictable by giving them a home much closer to the type we all take for granted. In addition, on a personal level, I look forward to seeing what it’s like stepping outside of my usual role as employee, husband, father, grandfather etc. and operating as an individual (albeit as part of the team) in an unfamiliar environment.

What Andy’s referees said about him:

DELIVERY He takes ownership of situations and resolves them with others, keeping all those that need to be involved up to speed and in the loop.

RESPECT His respect for others and confidence in the workplace is such that when out in the regions or in Council offices, he always returns having managed the situation and achieved the desired result, often making new friends as he goes along.

PASSION Andy believes in the concept of affordable housing. He brings the best out of people and gives them confidence in a relaxed way.

QUALITY Andy can focus on detail whilst keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

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