CALA's Big Build 2019

Habitat For Humanity PR, Cambodia Volunteer Group; Riverside House

Claire Ferris


Development Surveyor

Habitat For Humanity PR, Cambodia Volunteer Group; Riverside HouseClaire Ferris

Development Surveyor - East

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

This is a once in a lifetime experience and one I will not take for granted. I have worked in the industry for over thirteen years and throughout this time have gained a variety of skills, skills that are crucial in the planning and development of a construction site, which I look forward to putting to use in Cambodia. I am very eager to learn and look forward to gaining new experiences.  I expect these skills and experiences to be transferable and will come to be crucial in my work at CALA.

What I am most looking forward to on this trip

What I am looking forward to is experiencing a completely different culture, tasting the food and meeting local people to see how they live and survive.  I’m also looking forward working alongside my fellow CALA employees getting to know them and building relationships across the different sectors of the business.

What Claire's referees said about her:

DELIVERY Claire undertakes all tasks with passion, enthusiasm and commitment.  Due to her role she works to deadlines and makes it her mission to meet these.  She helps people around her and works with her colleagues and external contractors to negotiate situations to reach resolution. 

RESPECT Claire understands the needs of others and works with people to see the bigger picture, rather than looking at situations through tunnel vision.  This gains Claire the respect of her colleagues and she is a person who can be approached at any point in time.

PASSION The opportunity may be outwith most peoples scope of works, however Claire has a typically ‘Glasgow’ personality, she’s friendly, outgoing, doesn’t avoid hard work and can adapt to any situation she finds herself in.

QUALITY Focusing on the task in hand is a strength of Claire’s and her ability to listen to instructions and complete the task to the required quality would be of great use within this opportunity.

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