Friday 23rd November 2018, Aberdeen, Scotland. 

Aberdeen Cala Business Portraits

(Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)

Emma Gelati


Marketing Manager

Friday 23rd November 2018, Aberdeen, Scotland. Aberdeen Cala Business Portraits(Photo: Ross Johnston/Newsline Media)Emma Gelati

Marketing Manager - North

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

This trip will see me taking a big step outside of my comfort zone. I have never done anything like this in my life, though I see this as a positive not a negative. Being part of the CALA Build 2019 team will help me to build new relationships with colleagues from across the group, whilst helping to do something amazing for a family in Cambodia.

What I am most looking forward to on this trip

I am absolutely delighted to be going on this trip. I’m looking forward to both the physical and emotional challenge of this project which in turn will be hugely rewarding

What Emma’s referees said about her:

DELIVERY An example of this was when Emma tried to improve how the information relating to source of enquiry is used to generate sales, and inform the marketing approach in her region. She was able to analyse the information and then sought diverse ways to address the problem, including diversifying her approach on certain sites. Although she faced some challenges and resistance from some of the wider sales team, through a mutual respect of the demands of their role, she was able to have a direct impact on the business results by being passionate in her approach and committed to delivery.  She has acute attention to detail and uses this to analyse information, all with an aim to improve quality in her own delivery.

RESPECT Emma is interested in others and works with a very strong sense of moral value. At times she has been explicit in her surprise that not all operate in the same way, but she has been resolute in her wish to continue to operate in a way that keeps respect and moral value at its heart, which is exactly what I would hope for in a colleague.

PASSION Although naturally a more introverted character, Emma displays her passion through her commitment to CALA; she continues to promote the brand and act in an ambassadorial capacity for the company.

QUALITY Emma was one of the two people integral in the design and launch of the community bursary scheme in North, which has now been adopted nationally across the group with great success.

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