Kathleen McLaughlin


Digital Marketing Manager

Kathleen McLaughlin

Digital Marketing Manager – CALA Group, Scotland

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

Whilst I have dabbled in physical challenges and charitable causes, I want to do more, and there are few more inspiring causes than the work Habitat for Humanity does. I’m a firm believer that personal growth happens when you place yourself outside of your comfort zone. Physically building houses for those affected by extreme poverty is admittedly a daunting prospect for me, and added to a different language, different social norms, and a challenging climate, this experience firmly falls out of my own comfort zone. However, I’m extremely passionate about experiencing different cultures, I embrace physical challenges, and I do make every effort to be an ally for people who are less privileged than myself if I possibly can.

What I am most looking forward to on this trip

I live to travel, so no doubt experiencing the sites, smells and cultural differences as a group will be an exciting experience for us all. However, I think I’m most looking forward to having the opportunity to meet the family for whom we’ll be building a home for. I’m fully anticipating that the utter exhaustion after each day’s physical exertion will be overwhelming, but knowing that it is for a real family who face such extreme hardships, and understanding that it’s probably one of the most important things I will ever do, will hopefully serve as fuel to push myself and the CALA Build team on every minute of every day.

What Kathleen’s referees said about her:

DELIVERY She never simply seeks the quickest solution, it’s the right solution for the business. She wants to bring people with her, she will always look to understand an issue, explain the potential solutions and seek consensus before moving ahead, but she does all of that quickly and efficiently without fuss or dispute.

RESPECT She believes strongly in equality and fairness for everyone irrespective of gender, race, religion, ability, sexual orientation or financial security. She is tremendously empathetic and sympathetic, more than probably anyone I have met. She cares deeply about the environment and is a great example to us all when it comes to recycling, reusing and thinking about how we use resources.

PASSION Kathleen is one of the most passionate people I have met, specifically with regard to social justice and helping those in need, and I think she would help the team to pull together effectively. She is caring and supportive of all who engage with her and unwilling to abandon anyone or any situation where she believes she can help. She will work a solution to a mutually satisfactory conclusion

QUALITY She’s always thinking about what else we can do to make things better (website, social media, communications, marketing - whatever it happens to be) and she positively suggests and takes the initiative to progress ideas without being asked or chased.

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