CALA's Big Build 2019

Matthew Rutter

South Home Counties

Technical Coordinator

Matthew Rutter

Technical Coordinator - South Home Counties

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

This is something I have investigated doing myself, and the idea of using the knowledge I have been privileged to gain while at CALA to help others greatly appeals to me.

In terms of my personal development, it will undoubtedly increase my understanding of the build process, which in turn will increase my knowledge when it comes to build-ability and help in producing accurate and relevant information.

What I am most excited about on this experience

I think what I am most look forward to is physically seeing the house progress day by day. Seeing that progression will be a privilege, as it will show that the work the team are doing and money people have donated is making a real tangible difference. Often people give generously to charities and don’t get to see the good it does. With the CALA Build, this isn’t the case.

What Adam’s referees said about him:

DELIVERY A personal example of quality relating to my work with Matt is that our marketing manager has recently left the company; therefore the marketing responsibilities have fallen to myself. I do not know all the dealings my manager had before they left, but Matt followed up with some tasks including making sure that amends on CGIs hadn’t been forgotten about. I would not have known about these at the time, so his quality in checking on work ensured that I had the correct CGI going live on the website, and that it wasn’t just left  for someone to figure out later on when a problem arose from the CGI amends not being picked up.

RESPECT If the relevant person I should ask isn’t in, showing he has time for me even if it isn’t necessarily his remit, is greatly appreciated.

PASSION Matt is not afraid to come forward with new ideas to improve the performance of the department. Matt has shown initiative by setting up a NHBC conditions tracker that is now used as a standard document within the department.

QUALITY During the course of this year there were shortages in the Technical department due to various reasons. With a lack of Technical Managers, Matt stepped up to ensure sites other than his own did not falter.

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