CALA's Big Build 2019

Paul Carter


Technical Manager

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

On a professional level, I think that the trip would help me to expand within my role now and in the future. The team player aspect of this trip is highly important to me as without a team and the respect for others and their issues, it is very difficult to understand and support them when it is required.  I think that it would help to promote my leadership skills and motivation for the role I carry out on a day to day basis.

On a personal level, being able to hand a house over to a family at the end of the week, although only making a small drop in the ocean of a difference, will be something I don’t think I would ever forget.

What I am most excited about on this experience

What I am most looking forward to about this trip is being able to build a house, while working alongside the family who will own and live in it once complete.  The ability to be able to build a house to help a family who have very little; to have a home to live in; with the security that they own the land it is built on, so cannot be taken away and that they can have something simple like being able to lock their front door.  The build will be challenging and take me out of my comfort zone, but I feel that the experience will help to widen my skills that will help in my everyday job at CALA when I return.

What Paul’s referees said about him:

DELIVERY Paul works on his own initiative, running and taking responsibility for his own projects

RESPECT He is very clear and concise in his instructions, and will go out of his way to help anyone who is struggling to understand.  Paul is the “Go-To Man” in our department and he will go that extra mile to help find answers that you need.  I always go to Paul if I need help within my role, even if it’s not his responsibility, because I know he will ensure I understand for the next time.

PASSION He works hard during the week to be able to leave time for his family at the weekends.  He will get to site as early as is required and will stay late in the evenings to ensure deadlines are met, happy to go that extra mile.

QUALITY Paul works hard in his role and is committed to making sure that the excellent targets that CALA aspire to, are met and exceeded whenever possible. This includes attention to detail in ensuring that that the packages that get issued by the department are the best they can be, and reacting quickly to resolve issues as they come up as they do on all sites.