CALA's Big Build 2019

Ron Hannan


Customer Service Manager

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

As soon as I saw the information on Sharepoint, I looked at the blogs and information from the previous trip. I knew this would be for me. This type of challenge is something I have always hoped to participate in should the opportunity arise. CALA have provided this once in a lifetime chance, for myself at my age, to make a difference in a country and for a people that have suffered a horrendous dictatorship and its terrible aftermath.

I have always prided myself in producing a high quality service both in my practical work as an apprentice served carpenter/joiner, and any other building discipline I have mastered. This has helped me in my present role and is a good foundation for me to aspire to the CALA values. I am looking forward to taking these qualities with me to Cambodia and facing this challenge with this great team.

What I am most excited about on this experience

I enjoy camping and foreign travel so always look forward to trips where I’m outside of my comfort zone, so this is right up my street. I expect the challenge to be difficult working in the high heat and humidity, and hope to assist the team to achieve any task set to the best of my ability. I am really looking forward to meeting these people and realise their dreams to help towards rebuilding their homes and lives. The things we take for granted and the futures we plan for our families at home are far beyond the reach of these families. I hope to bring home with me the feeling that I have done all I could to help along with memories of a wonderful experience in a beautiful country.

What Ron’s referees said about him:

DELIVERY I was involved with Ron only a few weeks ago whereby a legacy scheme had developed an issue with an elaborate booster main set, and the client was a representative from the managing agency and was especially difficult to reason with. After Ron’s involvement and direction, we had all reached an amicable solution, avoiding further embarrassment for us, and reducing our liabilities significantly.

RESPECT Ron has demonstrated to myself, as he has others, just how important and seriously he takes his role. Ensuring that even the slightest issues are resolved, and that our customers are listened to and taken seriously.

PASSION Ron, although working within customer care, is actually what I would describe as a Swiss army knife! Ron is able to bring a wealth of practical experience and skills to the team, he can turn his hand to almost anything, from brick laying, carpentry, electrics… pretty much anything. He is also the sort of person who would take the time to coach and mentor others and hand down his experience.

QUALITY Ron has often completed tasks that the trades have struggled with and completed them to a very high standard. Many customers have complemented Ron for going the extra mile. Ron has also attended site out of hours to attend to problems such as major leaks and most recently at Brookwood Farm to address a H&S issue where fencing blew over.