CALA's Big Build 2019

Stuart McKie


Surveying Manager

Stuart McKie

Commercial Manager - West

Why I applied for the CALA Build 2019

We are shaped by our experiences both positive and negative and this is a clearly a unique opportunity to challenge oneself but with a hugely rewarding upside.

I believe working on this project would help me to improve upon my communication skills, self-confidence by being in such a different environment, and also give me an opportunity to experience the construction challenges on a project first hand to gain an insight into the kind of challenges our site teams face.

What I am most looking forward to on this trip

I think there will be a lot of memorable moments but for me it’s probably the end strangely enough.

Seeing what we’ve managed to help achieve in a relatively short space of time and understanding the difference that it’s going to make to the family that we’ve worked alongside on the build.

Rarely do we get the chance to make such a difference to someone’s life while having an experience of a lifetime at the same time.

What Stuart's referees said about him:

DELIVERY Stuart is a creative problem solver who delivers upon his promises, while more often than not, exceeding expectations. He regularly goes over and above his day to day work load for the benefit of the team. An example of this was taking the lead on the CALA West tender exercise where he collated info from all the relevant departments, fed back with key issues and created the up to date West spec with buy in from both technical and sales.

RESPECT One of Stuart’s best attributes is his lines of communication and the manner and tone he adopts to get his point across. He will also listen to those around him and try his utmost to put the team before himself.

PASSION He is always prepared for a challenge, no matter the task at hand, and is the ultimate team player in that he will go out of his way to help others to achieve their part of the puzzle before concentrating on his own.

QUALITY Stuart consistently carries out his duties to a high standard, setting the standard for others in the department to aspire to which has resulted in Stuart being allocated many of our more complex projects that have multiple stakeholder interfaces (eg consortium works where CALA are not the sole developer).  His attention to detail is unmatched, often analysing data in a way that identifies gaps that others may have missed.

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