CALA is committed to working closely with landowners, communities and local authorities to deliver attractive and sustainable homes in which people aspire to live.

Land constructionWe recognise the importance of engaging and working closely with local communities, interest groups and local authorities at the earliest possible stage of the planning process. We believe strongly in the benefit this brings to facilitating a better understanding and greater support for our development plans and for us to appreciate fully, the things that matter most to local people.

Our land teams are experienced and have a detailed understanding of sustainable development and the built environment. We identify suitable sites and offer carefully tailored solutions that take into account the priorities of landowners, planners, the communities surrounding our new homes and our home buyers.

Where necessary, we undertake complex remediation, demolition and engineering works to prepare the ground for housing development. This often involves the laying out of green open space for public use.

Did you know...?

76% of our developments in 2014/15 were built on Brownfield sites

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