Castle Bay, Dunbar

A collection of spacious 4 & 5 bedroom detached homes situated to the west of Dunbar within walking distance of the beautiful East Lothian coastline.



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Location: Edinburgh Road, Belhaven, Dunbar, EH42 1TS
Price £420,000

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The Macrae - Showhome Sale & Leaseback - 5 Bedroom Detached

Plot 2   Reserved

Castle Bay -  Lewis CGI

The Lewis - 5 Bedroom Detached

Plot 24   Reserved

Castle Bay - Garvie CGI

The Garvie - 5 Bedroom Detached

Plot 27   Reserved

Castle Bay - Crichton CGI

The Crichton - 4 Bedroom Detached

Plot 28   Reserved

Plot 29   Reserved

Plot 34   Reserved

Plot 35   Reserved

Castle Bay - Bryce CGI

The Bryce - 4 Bedroom Detached

Plot 32   Reserved

Plot 33   Reserved

Castle Bay - Colville CGI

The Colville - 4 Bedroom Detached

Plot 38   Reserved

Plot 39   Reserved

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