Glasgow Harbour, Glasgow

Glasgow Harbour is a major city centre waterfront regeneration project and CALA has been at the forefront of the 1st phase of the project, with the provision of a contemporary high rise development.

The Glasgow Harbour project is a mixed use development on approximately 42 hectares (103 acres) of land on the north side of the River Clyde. 

The land was formally docks and association warehousing. Overall the site has the physical capacity to accommodate up to 3000 units. The first phase included the development of circa 625 units and involved two other developers working alongside CALA. 

Examples of Issues that were overcome by the CALA Project team include:

  • Working very closely with Glasgow Harbour Limited and 2 other developers in phase 1 to establish a product brand and involvement in a high profile marketing campaign. 
  • Development of a brownfield site within close proximity of the River Clyde. 
  • Development of a large volume of flatted units (173) on a 1.3 acre site. 
  • Compliance with strict development and design briefs. 
  • Co-ordination of infrastructure with the land owner. 

Skills used throughout process:

  • Establishment and co-ordination of a full project team comprising both external and internal personnel. 
  • Successfully delivering a detailed planning consent for a unique development within a reasonable time period. 
  • Project management of a main contractor. 
  • Successfully working alongside two other developers and establishing a close working relationship with Glasgow Harbour Limited who are a special company set up with the remit to deliver the entire Glasgow Harbour project.