What's proposed

Outline planning approval for Barton Farm was granted in October 2012 providing permission for:

  • Up to 2000 new homes

  • A primary school

  • A pre-school nursery

  • A retail food store of up to 2000 sqm

  • A community building of not less than 660 sqm

  • A 60-bed nursing home

  • A district energy centre

  • Additional retail and/or commercial space of up to 1000 sqm

  • A gym

  • Offices up to 2000 sqm

  • A park and ride facility for up to 200 cars

  • A range of uses within public open space

Not all of the above will necessarily be developed, although the primary school, pre-school nursery, community building and park and ride facility are all part of a Section 106 agreement and will be delivered at specific and pre-agreed points.

The scheme will be developed in a number of phases, with different aspects of the outline consent delivered at different times. However, a number of aspects were fixed as part of the outline consent:

  • 40% of the homes will be designated as affordable housing

  • The retail uses will be completed by the occupation of the 1000th home

  • The nursery will be approved prior to commencement

  • The park and ride will be approved prior to commencement and completed by the 650th occupation

  • The community building will be approved prior to commencement and completed by the 800th occupation

Phase One

The first phase of Barton Farm will comprise 425 private and affordable homes and public open space on phase 1A to the south of the site and 1B to the north. The proposed mix of properties includes one and two bedroom apartments and two to five bedroom houses. A reserved matters planning application for phase one has now been submitted to Winchester City Council.
Phase 1a plan
During the first phase, a land transfer from CALA to Hampshire County Council for the new primary school will be completed. It will then be for the County Council to construct the school using funds provided by CALA.

Phase 1b plan