Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie

CALA Homes have submitted a detailed planning application to East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) for a residential development comprising 54 units at Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie.

Birdston Road, Milton of Campsie West of Scotland

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information regarding the proposed development and to identify the reasons why CALA view the site as having residential potential.


  • The site was previously assessed as part of EDC’s Greenbelt boundary review and was included as a “reasonable alternative” housing site, on the basis of its sustainability credentials;
  • EDC are currently failing to provide an effective 5 year housing land supply;
  • More sites are therefore required to meet this target, whether they are Greenfield or Brownfield;
  • The site is not subject to any significant constraints and can be delivered within a 2 year time frame; and
  • The site can be developed without having a detrimental impact on the village boundary or setting.

Proposed Development

The proposed development is for 54 housing units (53 detached and semi-detached houses, 1 bungalow) three pocket parks, access, sustainable drainage systems, a footpath link into the existing network and associated landscaping/greenspace.

The proposed layout has been carefully designed to respect the site’s constraints with effort made to provide a strong greenspace network and to avoid the development of buildings on the highest areas of the site. Within these areas, naturalistic greening is proposed to allow the proposed development to blend into the surrounding landscape.

The development of the site will bring positive economic development benefits to the EDC area and has the potential to further support the local services within Milton of Campsie.

Site Layout Summary

  • Total of 54 residential units;
  • Three areas of open space included through the Site, creating a series of small pocket parks;
  • Play space included within the central open space of the Site;
  • Tree planting (circa 100 trees) is included within the Site;
  • A 10m ‘set back’ from Birdston Road is included within the layout to contribute to the green entrance to the village;
  • Further open space is included within the south east corner of the proposed development to maintain the setting / protect the amenity of Birdston Care Home; and
  • A distance of circa 12m is achieved between the rear elevations of houses on the northern boundary and garden boundaries to avoid overlooking or overshadowing of Birdston Care Home to the south of the Site.


A Proposal of Application notice was submitted at least 12 weeks prior to an application being submitted. The Public exhibition was held in the Kincaid House Hotel in September 2015. Comments and concerns raised at this event were considered and as a result the development layout has been amended positively to respond to these concerns.

CALA are happy to further meet with any individual or organisation who would like to discuss the merits of the application in more detail. Please contact us with any enquiries.


It is CALA’s view that a sustainable development of 54 units can be accommodated at Birdston Road and this will bring economic benefits to the local area, while providing an element of affordable housing and a play park for the local community.

The Site is not in an area identified as being at risk of flooding and also lies out-with the functional flood plain. The sustainability of the proposed development will be in line with the most up-to-date Building Regulations. Finally, it is evident that it has not been possible to achieve an effective housing land supply in East Dunbartonshire from brownfield land, so an element of greenfield housing and incursion into the green belt is necessary to meet the demand for housing.

Development is required to support green belt objectives; the proposed development is a logical extension to Milton of Campsie and only constitutes a minor incursion into the green belt. This will not create coalescence or result in the loss of prime agricultural land.