Institute Road, Coopersale

CALA Homes is preparing a planning application for a development of up to 20 high quality family homes on Institute Road in the village of Coopersale.

Institute Road, Coopersale North Home Counties

On 23rd June we held a community consultation event which gave local people a chance to view our early stage proposals. You can view the materials from this event here.

We used feedback from this event to shape the design of our scheme and held a second consultation event on 30th July. This was an opportunity for local people to view detailed proposals and speak to the CALA team about our scheme, including how we took initial feedback from local people on board.

You can download the materials from our second event, which include details on the look of the scheme, design, landscaping, highways and the proposed construction programme.

We are now preparing our planning application for Epping Forest District Council, which we expect to submit by the end of August.

If you would like to leave comments on our proposed development, please complete the contact form.