3 Bedroom Apartment


8 Widmerpool Hall, NG12 5SA

This is one of those homes that will allow you to live that dream life in a wonderful Grade II listed hall. 

Widmerpool has a grand feel to it and this stunning building and grounds are something to get excited about. As you drive through the electric gates toward this stunning residence there is a real take your breath away moment as your eyes try to take it all in, the small woodland to the right and the beautifully maintained lawned area to the left leading to the focal point and central attraction, the mansion built between 1871 and 1873. 

Approaching and as you enter through the main doors you are immediately struck with awe by the unique design of architect Henry Clutton. The best is to come as you turn to corner to climb the stairs to your apartment entrance and the main stain glass display hits you in all's its splendour and for at least the second time you have your breath taken away at the beauty this property offers. 

Living here is a lifestyle choice, not just a convenient apartment, you will be living with some real English history. The property was originally a rectory with extensive lands and the current hall was built as a gift from Major George Coke Roberston to his wife Harriet. In 1952 the hall was bought by the AA (Automobile Association) who used it as their national training centre, this is a property that is truly a part of our English heritage. 

Walking into the apartment itself, there is a modern feel in the entrance hall and, as you climb up the stairs to your own main hallway you are treated to the view through the four arched windows over the driveway, lawn and to the woods. Wherever you turn in the apartment views are there with you. A treat awaits in every room, for a surprise, at the top of the stairs look up and the hall has a hexagon ceiling window light, which reflects the sun with magical patterns and allows you to see the main hall tower above. 

Whilst in the living room your eyes are drawn immediately to the view of the rear lawn sweeping away from your apartment. As we said, wander through this home and you have a clear view of these magnificent grounds front and rear. 

Inside you find old and new blend together the apartment itself has all the modern amenities you expect and they balance perfectly with the character of the home to provide apartment living with the best of both worlds. Enjoying your favourite music is made easy as you are moving around rooms with the inbuilt ceiling speaker system. 

The chef in you may just want to centre on the kitchen which is big enough for you to dine and entertain in, you can even share it with your favourite celebrity chef with the inbuilt tv. Or just enjoy the views again, here, once again, you are treated to a view across the front lawn and drive and into the small woodland. 

Set in approximately twenty acres of grounds Widmerpool is much more than a converted country house. It is a community with a range of homes set within the grounds that make for a very special environment, one where you can choose privacy, yet, just as easily, be part of something special. We understand that the occasional community get together is organised, a marquee, drinks and good company. 

From modern to old, from secluded areas to community belonging, this apartment, hall and grounds is one of a kind and it is very easy to fall in love with it all.