New Technologies

We’re on a journey to become a more sustainable business and we’ve already taken steps to reduce our environmental impact. Our aim is to build homes that are operationally net zero carbon from 2030 and we’re hoping to eliminate gas from our developments ahead of the Scottish and U.K. Government targets.

Homes emit 20% of the UK's CO2, so as a responsible housebuilder, we must seriously address energy efficiency within our properties. Climate-conscious technology can already be found in many of our homes across Scotland and England, but we know we can and need to do more.

We’re exploring new and pioneering technologies such as solar PV with battery storage and air source heat pumps in order to make an active contribution to the fight against climate change. We’re also looking at the fabric of the homes we build and how we can enhance the biodiversity around them.

What does this mean for our customers? Our interactive home helps you understand some of the technology we are exploring and what a Cala home could look like in the future. While these technologies are undoubtedly better for the planet, they could also help our customers to save money on their bills in the long run too.

Some of these solutions are already available on a selection of our homes but they are plot and development specific. Speak to your Sales Advisor to find out more.

Explore our interactive home of the future below.

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