Reducing our Carbon Footprint

The construction industry’s impact on fossil fuel use and green house gas emissions is stark. It is our responsibility  to take immediate action to reduce our carbon footprint. Our stakeholders, customers and staff all tell us this is an area of growing importance to them, and this is why CALA is committed to embedding the desire to run our business in a sustainable way into our culture.

CALA has established a sustainability forum within the business to manage this transformation, bringing together representatives of all disciplines from across the group. Within this forum, a number of working groups have been created to implement and drive the change needed to reach our ambitious, but achievable sustainable objectives.

Zero Carbon Team

Our Zero Carbon Project Team will deliver a roadmap that has been set out to achieve zero net carbon operating homes by 2030.

Their role is to:

  • develop and implement strategies to reduce carbon emissions produced as a result of our operations and the homes that we build
  • establish and oversee the delivery of carbon reduction objectives
  • identify, analyse, assess and deliver solutions for reducing carbon emissions arising from the operations of our homes (operating carbon) and the construction of our homes (embodied carbon)

The Zero Carbon team are also responsible for investigating opportunities where we can contribute to research projects to increase our knowledge and understanding in this area.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint...

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