Guaranteed Buyer Service

CALA's Guaranteed Buyer service allows you to able to market your home at a price that you agree, but with the knowledge that if you can’t find a buyer, CALA will step in.

Relax, You have a Guaranteed Buyer

Our Guaranteed Buyer service allows you to plan your move into a superb new home without the uncertainty of wondering whether your existing home will sell. Put your existing property on the open market and if it doesn't sell by the agreed date, we will step in as cash buyers so that you don't miss out on your new CALA home.

  • Choose a CALA home that is at least four months away from being ready for you to move into.
  • Market your own home.
  • Rest easy in the knowledge that CALA will act as a cash buyer if you need it.
  • Receive an alternative incentive if your existing property sells before the backup date.

Guaranteed Buyer gives you a chance at achieving an open market price on your existing property with our offer (which is based on a quick sale) waiting in the wings if you need it. Download our Guaranteed Buyer Leaflet to find out more.

If you would prefer the certainty of knowing what your existing property will sell for at the outset, we can offer you up to 100% of market value through our Part Exchange service. If you use Part Exchange, you will also avoid paying estate agent fees. Visit for more information.