Moving house is an exciting prospect but can also be a very busy time. That’s why being prepared when packing up your life for pastures new is essential. For our latest blog, we’ve collated our best tips and tricks to help make sure you have a smooth transition from your old home to your new one.

Tips when moving house

Our first tip would be to be as organized as you can when it comes to packing up to move house. Most people find they have more to move than they thought, so decluttering is a must! Do you really need that bread maker you bought 10 years ago and used once?  

Create a moving checklist - and split into groups – this could be by room or use, e.g. everyday items vs seasonal clothes that you won’t need for a while - this way, items will be much more easily found when you arrive into your new home. Mark items off as you pack up for your move so you don’t forget anything and it makes it feel like you’re getting somewhere scoring off the list!.  

Beginning to pack up well in advance of moving house is another great tip, especially if you know the date you’ll be moving into your new abode. This means you can break packing into manageable chunks, rather than having a mammoth task just before the big day.

Keep all your essential items close to hand so you don’t have to rip through boxes to look for a change of clothes, toothpaste or medication. For the kids, keep their favourite toys or handheld games consoles to hand as well - moving can be daunting for little ones, and you’ll need these to help them feel relaxed (and keep them occupied!).

Pack one room at a time. Trying to pack up three rooms at once could be overwhelming and can often mean things get left behind or put in the wrong place.


Best packing boxes for moving house

When it comes to picking your packing boxes, size is everything and a tip for moving house we swear by is - often smaller is better. Obviously, if you are packing a larger item, use a larger box and don’t try to force large things into small boxes, however smaller, well organised boxes can mean safer, stress-free moving. Another thing to look for when packing to move house is box strength – make sure your boxes are fit for purpose and are sturdy and safe to lift.

Packing cubes are a great way to help keep everything organised and stacked together neatly. These are also lightweight and thin, so you won’t lose any space.

Vacuum pack bags are useful for fitting a greater volume of clothes into a smaller space – and remember to bundle by season so items can be easily found when unpacking. These are also great for packing up bedding, linen and cushions.


How to pack boxes when moving house

Another important part of the moving puzzle is getting the right packing materials for moving house. If you don’t have the right materials, packing can become messy, very quickly!

It’s important to remember to put heavier items at the bottom of boxes, while lighter items should be at the top, this means there is less chance of fragile items being broken in transit. There should also be no empty spaces in your boxes, if there are use, packing material to make sure things don’t jiggle around. We recommend avoiding using non-recyclable bubble wrap and instead opting for eco-friendly alternatives like corrugated cardboard wrap or corn starch packing peanuts that can be composted. You could even fill spaces with, or wrap fragile items in, clothes, towels or linens – this can also be a great space saver.

When closing your boxes, always remember to tape them, then tape them again to avoid any accidents when loading your precious cargo into the car or moving van – again, there are plastic-free tapes you can find for this job.

Another handy tip is to label your boxes. Make sure when you are packing to move house, you write what is in each box, and the room they are going to, on the sides of the boxes.  

When packing your home for a move, it’s important to make sure you take extra care when packing the kitchen up, as there are some big-ticket items in there that can be expensive to replace. Make sure when packing crockery or plates, that you wrap them well to avoid breakages.  Similarly, when packing your TV, make sure you know how this should be done properly. If you own a plasma screen, you’ll need to keep this stored upright and double boxed.

If you are thinking of making the move and have some furry friends, why not take a look at our tips for moving house with a pet, to make sure they transition as smoothly as possible.

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