Cala's Sustainability Journey

Our commitment to the community and our environment

Sustainability is something we’re building our future on. Our journey started with small steps and we’re making great progress, as quickly as we can, since launching our Sustainability Strategy in 2020.

We will achieve net-zero operational greenhouse gas emissions across our business by 2030. Aligned with this, we will ensure that all new Cala homes are net-zero carbon enabled by 2030.

We have also set a wider target of net-zero total greenhouse gas emissions across the business by 2045. In addition to our operational emissions, this includes the embodied carbon of our construction, and the ongoing life-cycle emissions of our homes.

In 2021 we carried out an extensive benchmarking exercise to establish our baseline carbon footprint, so we could hone our targets and refine our plans. This has also allowed us to establish thorough, extensive measurement of our progress when it comes to sustainability, so we can accurately report on our progress.

Sustainability goes beyond carbon emissions and our strategy has been carefully planned to initially focus on the things that will make the biggest difference. We are doing this through our homes and developments, the way we run our business, our people and communities, and our employees are empowered to own this as part of our culture. We will be a business that leaves a positive, lasting legacy for both people and the planet.

Cala's approach to sustainability

Sustainability in Action

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