Designed with respect for people and the planet

Cala is committed to helping our customers live in a way that respects the needs of our planet.

As part of our strategy, not only must we strive to build homes that are more sustainable, but we must also give our customers the tools and technology they need to operate their homes with zero emissions and live more sustainably. Examples of this are ensuring measures like air source heat pumps are as user-friendly as possible, installing smart heating controls and providing EV charging capabilities.  

Not content with waiting for government target dates, we have acted early and already meet RIBA 2030 Best Practice, a framework that improves energy efficiency, the carbon emissions used in construction and reduces water usage.

Going beyond carbon, our Urban Wildlife Strategy and Biodiversity policy have been prepared in collaboration with experts to ensure that habitats are provided for native insects, mammals, plants and trees. 

We're proud of what we have achieved, but continue to innovate and trial new technologies and strategies to ensure continual improvement. 

How Cala Homes and Developments are more sustainable

Sustainability in Action

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