The Japandi trend has become one of the most talked about interior looks for 2022, with the blend of Japanese zen and Scandanavian style creating a whole new approach to refined living.

With wellness continuing to be a key focus in interior design, the Japandi home trend creates a beautiful, serene space that blends minimalism with cosy comfort.

Eileen Kesson, one of our trusted interior designers from Envision, encapsulated the trend in our airy Balgray Gardens development by using natural materials, warm lighting and minimalistic furnishing.

Explaining how you can update any modern home with the Japandi trend, Eileen said: “This sought-after interior trend is the perfect fusion of Nordic nature and neutral minimalism, which is perfect for those who want to create a natural space that’s both clean and elegant.

“The aesthetic features very basic shapes, neutral décor and low-rise furniture, creating a calming and tranquil environment that brings a sense of warmth and calm, without being bland.

“When re-imagining this look, think pale wood with black accents, organic materials such as wood and rattan, and Japanese-inspired brass detailing paired with watercolour artwork.

“Glistening finishes such as metallic cushions and pendant lighting add a luxurious element in a subtle way, and work beautifully with pared back, soft furnishings using natural fabrics such as cotton and linen.

“Right now we’re obsessed with this influential yet uncomplicated look that nurtures a feeling of wellbeing within the home.”


Cala’s top tips for recreating the Japandi look

Use organic materials

At our Balgray Gardens development, we used woven wood wallcovering combined with simple rattan chairs to create a peaceful working from home space. A simple way to incorporate the Japandi trend is to go for organic and natural materials such as wood, rattan and bamboo in clean lines and solid shapes. Embrace a quality over quantity approach, and don’t be afraid to mix dark and light wood shades for this hybrid look. Think sleek, slimline furnishing mixed with washed wood rustic.

Comfort zone

The Japandi look is rooted in comfort, with fuss-free style, soft furnishing and pared-back designs taking centre stage. The Scandinavian concept of "hygge," which blends comfort and cosiness, is key to creating a simplistic yet practical aesthetic. Mixing curved shapes and wood create visual interest whilst still maintaining functionality. A woven rug, furry cushion or pastel-coloured throw in a soft fabric creates a cosy vibe and adds contrast to stripped back furniture.  

Use earthy, warm tones

A key way to depict the mash-up between Japanese and Scandinavian style is to select neutral hues that complement one another. Palettes inspired by nature, such as beige, brown and white, should be paired with a grounding element of black. However subtle pops of mint green, pale blue and other pastel shades can also be used.

Take nature as your guide

Nature is an essential element in both Scandinavian and Japanese cultures. A simple way to create harmony within your home is by introducing a Bonsai or bamboo plant indoors in each room, to bring the outdoors in. A rule of thumb is not to go overboard when it comes to plants, as less is always more when it comes to the Japandi aesthetic.

Keep lighting low-key and warm white

Another simple way to capture the cosy feel of the Japandi trend is use warm lighting in low hanging pendant lamps. Simple sculptural lighting also works well and is paired beautifully with Scandi inspired pale wood.

Opt for oriental detailing

Handmade pieces, such as oriental brass work lamps, ceramics and handles help to provide an element of luxury and a structured touch when combined with modern furniture. These give character to a space and work wonderfully when paired with watercolour canvases and subtle pops of colour.

The Japandi interior design aesthetic can fit into any property that is inviting for friends and family, in a tranquil environment which is spacious and cosy.

Let us know if you try any of these tips by sharing your Japandi inspired interior pictures with us on Instagram @calahomes.

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