As the nights get longer and the weather becomes colder, most of us will start to add extra layers when we leave the house, but we can often forget that our homes might also need a little extra care. In this blog, we’ve outlined our top tips to look after your new build home this winter.


Insulation and ventilation

Although new build homes are very well insulated, it is still important to know how to ventilate your home to help stop condensation.

New builds can be susceptible to condensation, especially when they are drying out, and according to NHBC, the first two years following build is when this is most common. To prevent condensation in new build homes, you can:

  • Open your trickle vents in other rooms.
  • Utilise your extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom as this will help reduce any excess moisture.
  • Keep bathroom windows open when showering.

One place you might not think about ventilating is your wardrobes and cupboards. Overfilling these can be the ideal breeding ground for mould and can create a musty smell, so try not to overfill spaces.


Don’t forget the boiler

Even new boilers need to be serviced. Make sure you do this sooner rather than later, as demand for plumbers can become high in the colder months. Don’t worry about this if you’ve just moved into a Cala home, we’ll send you a reminder one year after your completion date to arrange a service. You can also do simple checks yourself by taking a look at the pressure gauge on your boiler. If this is lower than one bar, your boiler isn’t working effectively.

Our commitment to eliminate gas in our homes has seen us begin to roll out hybrid and gas-free alternative heating systems across many of our developments, such as air source heat pumps. With these heating systems, you can be sure that your home is kept warm and comfortable at all times of the year whilst reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Radiators need attention too

Are your radiators not heating up properly or do you have cold spots? This is unlikely to happen in a new build home as the system is tested as part of our pre-handover checklist, however it might be something you need to do in the future. If you do think there is less heat this is a key indicator that radiators aren’t working right and might need to be bled, which is something you can do by yourself. Firstly, make sure your boiler is turned off and the radiator is cold. Using a radiator key, insert it into the valve and slowly turn it anti-clockwise, you should then start to hear a hissing noise, once you see water, close the valve. To stop water spilling onto the floor, always place a container under the radiator.

New build homes are easily maintained, however a few simple steps to keep them running smoothly over winter will help keep them in shape.

If you are thinking of making the move to a new build home, we have plenty of ways to help make this possible. Explore our house move incentives and homes for sale near you.

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