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What's this all about?
We've noticed that our own brilliant team (yes, that includes you!) has been caught up in the net of our external analytics and pop-ups. Pesky, isn't it? Especially when all you want is to grab some info without the fanfare.

The Magic Behind Your Visit:
By simply visiting this page, we've sprinkled a little digital magic on your browser – a cookie! But not the kind you eat (sorry about that), this one's purely digital. It's our way of recognising you as part of the Cala family and ensuring your browsing experience is as smooth as silk. From now on, you can say goodbye to those annoying chat pop-ups and hello to getting what you need, hassle-free.

No Need to Lift a Finger:
That's right, your work here is done! There's nothing more you need to do. This cookie does all the heavy lifting, ensuring you're excluded from our external traffic analysis and those not-so-loved chat search pop-ups.

So, what next? Well, you can go about your day knowing you've helped us make our digital space a little bit better for our team. Feel free to navigate away from this page or, if you're feeling adventurous, explore our website with your new, streamlined access.

Again, a huge thank you from the Cala digital team. You're not just part of our internal traffic; you're part of what makes us great.

Wishing you an excellent browsing experience,

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