Affordable Homes

The number of affordable homes built by Cala has increased as the business has grown.

Cala works closely with Parish and Town Councils as well as local residents groups to ensure we build the right mix and type of homes and tenures to satisfy local, as well as district-wide, housing need.

Cala's focus on quality design extends to our affordable housing portfolio to ensure we create cohesive developments that meet local need. We continually look at innovative ways to make our homes even more affordable whilst not compromising on space or specification.

We will continue to work closely with registered providers, charities and agencies to unlock housing supply and provide high quality and affordable homes.

Where do we operate?

If you would like a closer look at the different areas we operate in regionally in England, download our area map. 

Take a look at some of the affordable product we have brought to our providers on our developments
Photography may have been enhanced in post-production and may include upgrades at additional cost. Please consult a Cala representative for further details.
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