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Leek Wootton

Cala Homes (Midlands) will be submitting a planning application to Warwick District Council in the coming months for new homes on land at Warwickshire Police Headquarters in Leek Wootton.

The application is for the provision of 83 new homes, 40% of which will be affordable homes. Located on land at the Warwickshire Police Headquarters, the proposed development area is split into two neighbouring parcels.
The first known as The Paddock, is the larger development area which is bordered by Woodcote Lane to the north east and Woodcote Drive to the south. The second, smaller area known as The Old Tennis Court is located next to Warwickshire Golf Course with existing residential homes off Woodcote Drive to the east.
A number of community benefits will be delivered as part of the application. These include:

• Delivery of 83 homes to help meet the Local Plan requirement of new homes in the district, including 40% affordable homes
• Securing public access to part of the woodland to the north of the site, creating additional pedestrian links to Leek Wotton
• Funding to Warwickshire police through the land sale, which maintains their future at Woodcote House and protects the building’s heritage
• Contributions to the Community Infrastructure Levy and local education & healthcare through Section 106 contributions
• Improvements to the local Highways infrastructure (to be discussed with the Council’s Highways team)
• A high quality development of family housing in a sustainable location
• Protection of existing significant landscape features and improvements to biodiversity net gain

Details of our proposals can be found here

Please note that the details may be subject to changes through the planning application process. Subject to Planning, we anticipate a sales launch in late 2023

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