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Cala Homes has submitted an application for 116 new homes in Oxted, Tandridge District, including 40% affordable housing, with 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 2-5 bedroom houses set to be delivered. All homes will use energy efficient materials, including good insultation and Air Source Heat Pumps – a low carbon heating solution – to help residents keep their energy bills lower and reduce carbon emissions, as well as coming equipped with electric vehicle charging points.

The wider proposals for the site include 1.2 hectares of public open space, which will contain a large children’s play area, as well as enhancing existing and establishing new pedestrian routes. As part of our application, over £1.5m will be provided to Tandridge District Council to support local infrastructure and services investment, including local schools, libraries, GP clinics and more.

Building quality homes for over forty years, we know the importance of new developments being built to the highest standards and responding to local needs. We are committed to working closely with local residents to deliver attractive communities where people want to live.


Local housing need

The need for homes – particularly affordable homes – in Oxted and the surrounding area is acute, and much more needs to be done:


  • Since 2020, the number of new homes built across Tandridge District is just 38% of the amount needed.
  • Since April 2020, just 168 new affordable homes have been built across Tandridge, yet nearly 2,000 (1,963) households are on the housing register.
  • Low housing delivery pushes up rent and purchase prices, resulting in 81% of Tandridge locals being unable to afford a home in their area. We propose delivering a mixture of affordable rent and shared ownership options, as well as ‘First Homes’ (homes for first-time buyers).
  • There is a disproportionate amount of 4-bed and larger homes in the Tandridge District, making it difficult for locals to downsize and therefore further restricting supply of homes for families. Our plans to deliver a wide range of tenure options will help address this.


More needs to be done to deliver new homes, and particularly affordable homes. We will provide 40% affordable housing (above policy) in Oxted, including both affordable rent and purchase options aimed at first-time buyers and younger families.

We need your support

Local support for Cala’s plans will be a key factor when Tandridge District Council’s Planning Committee, which is comprised of local councillors, makes its decision on Cala’s planning application. Therefore, it is important that local people register their support.

We would be grateful if you could spare a minute of your time to complete the below form to support Cala’s planning application.

We will then get in touch to let you know how to best make your voice heard by councillors.


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