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The act of building new homes has a significant impact on the environment and the communities that surround those homes. That’s why, here at Cala, we’re making it our mission to reduce our contribution to climate change. We aim to do this by lessening the carbon footprint from the production and ongoing running of our homes. Thanks to our high-quality building specification and efficient heating systems, Cala homes are, on average, 50% cheaper to run than the average second-hand home. This allows you to lower your carbon footprint and your energy bills.

In order to be more sustainable and reach our goal of becoming a net zero carbon business, we have to account for all the carbon that we emit in the running of our business and during the construction of our much sought-after homes. This includes everything from planning through to construction and doesn’t stop even after you’ve got the keys to your new home in your hand. Thanks to the energy saving solutions installed in our properties, you’ll have a home that is fully equipped to help you reduce your carbon emissions for as long as you live there.

Our video below goes into detail about what a carbon footprint is, how we measure it within the Cala business, as well as how we reduce our carbon footprint.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Cala Group is proud to be wholly owned by Legal & General. Our commitment to sustainability has contributed to Legal & General's A- score in the Carbon Disclosure Project and the company's place on the FTSE4Good Index Series

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