Timber Frame Construction

At Cala, our focus is firmly on making our homes and our business as sustainable as possible and we are making headway towards meeting our net zero targets.

As part of our Sustainability Strategy, we are closely examining the very fabric of the homes we construct, in particular through the use of renewable materials, such as timber, in order to help drive down our carbon footprint. 

Timber frame construction is more carbon efficient than masonry, steel or concrete building methods and in addition has long been recognised for providing a number of key advantages - design flexibility and speed of construction, which includes the ability to start internal trade activity before brickwork is completed. Timber frame buildings have also been shown to have up to 20 percent less embodied carbon than a typical masonry build.

In Scotland, timber frame construction has been widespread and favoured for over 40 years, with timber frame already accounting for around 90 percent of all new build [low-rise; up to four storeys] housing. Timber frame is already used throughout Cala’s portfolio in Scotland, which represents 40 percent of the homes we build U.K. wide.

For our homes in England, we are spearheading a major new initiative to roll-out timber frame construction across all of our developments where possible, to improve build programmes alongside increased sustainability using the timber’s ability to capture and store carbon.

In May 2023, Cala announced the acquisition of Taylor Lane Timber Frame Ltd., one of the UK’s leading timber frame construction specialists.

This investment will help drive Cala’s progress towards our sustainability targets by setting out our path to transitioning to timber frame construction across our English developments, while also supporting delivery of our ambitious growth plans in the South of England.

To download the full announcement, click here.

Watch our timelapse video to see how we build our timber frame homes

Our Timber Frame Progress

All of our timber and timber products are certified from a FSC or PEFC source. In 2023, 34% of all legal completions were timber frame. In Scotland, we build 80% of homes with timber frame. Across England, we are increasing the use of timber frame across our developments.

Timber Frame Construction at Cala

Customers should speak with their Sales Consultant and read the specification for their home for the details of what is included on their development.

Our customers are now, more than ever, concerned with the environment and combatting the effects of climate change so, by utilising timber frame as a truly renewable source of building material, we will all be playing our part in the green revolution.

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