Land to Life

Land To Life is a curriculum-based schools project aimed at 7-11 year olds (Key Stage 2 in England). The comprehensive suite of teachers’ notes and detailed lesson plans aims to educate children on how new communities are created, from land acquisition through to sales and marketing. 

Land To Life has been designed to encourage meaningful engagement between Cala and local schools in the communities in which we build. We have worked with an education consultant to ensure that the project is aligned to the national curriculums in both England and Scotland.

Pupils will cover a wide range of subjects including careers in housebuilding, how sites are selected for development, the planning process, sustainability and the sale of new homes.

Our Six Lesson Plans

A series of interactive presentations, worksheets and animated videos take pupils through the process of building new homes and covers six key topic areas:

Educating the Future

"As Homes for Scotland continues its support for the housebuilding sector towards creating the homes Scotland needs, we must to look to change the (mis)perceptions towards housebuilding and attract the talent and skills into the industry.

‘Land to Life’ is exactly the type of early intervention education project needed to build awareness of how new homes are developed and the role that housebuilders play in creating our communities across Scotland. Additionally important is that our teachers can understand and articulate career choices in our sector to the younger generation who are our future customers, policy makers and employees."

Jane Wood, Chief Executive for Homes for Scotland

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To find out how schools near Cala developments can register their interest in Land to Life, email for more information. 

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